Cat's Cradle Major Update & Release!

Hello everybody!
Since the original publishing of Cat's Cradle in Spring 2019, TEAM BOY has been working hard to polish the visuals, clear any lingering bugs, and update the design of this now passion project! Included in this post is a list of updates, but first, we're pleased to announce that Cat's Cradle is now "released"! We believe this is the best we can make this game, so we hope you enjoy it! Thank You!!!

Major Updates


  • A Bunch of New Cat Animations! (Including but not limited to: fidgets, stuck on roof, and transition animations)
  • New Yarn Animations
  • Cat Resolution Upgrade
  • Adjusted Position of Yarn on Cats
  • Custom Player Controls Images
  • New Level 1 Background
  • New Level 2 Background and Design
  • New Level 3 Background and Design
  • Added Motion Graphics to Tutorials
  • New Level 4 Background
  • Added Color Circles to Level Text
  • Minor Window Fixes in Level 5
  • New Level 6 Background & Design
  • New Level 7 Background & Design


  • Major Yarn Physics Overhaul
  • Adjusted Cloud Hit-boxes Level 6 & 7


  • Added Main Menu SFX
  • Added Victory SFX
  • Adjusted Soundtrack Volume
  • Adjusted SFX Volume

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